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SELF LOVE: This is about love and relationships, Self Love, your body, mind and spirit… it’s all going to be about YOU discovering what your dreams and goals are and how you want to live your life.

NOURISHMENT: You walk around doing your thing alone most of the time, working hard at keeping all of your balls in the air… being a mum, partner, lover, colleague, friend, sister, daughter, etc. etc., however when do you create time to nourish your body, mind and spirit… it’s important to to keep your boat afloat… here too you will find lots of helpful tips to do just that.

SELF DISCOVERY: We don’t learn this at school … there are no school books telling you how to be YOU-nique or whatever that means. So here in this beautiful academy you will have access to a gorgeous library filled with tools, meditations, visualisations, meal plans, healthy power food, exercises and dance movements. It’s going to inspire, empower and serve you to guide you on  your path of self discovery.

WOMB: You will also be able to get coaching from me and support from a growing female community in a closed VIP facebook group. The academy is like a womb where you can grow, be nourished, fed, supported and learn to lead the life you so long for. However, like any academy you will also have to put in the work and commit to your own personal growth and development.

TIMING: You are here for a reason! The academy has found u! The universe has brought you here… take note.

MAGIC: But I promise you that if you do commit, magic will start to happen and as you know that what you focus on grows. It’s about developing a positive mindset which will serve you and your mission and vision. Growing in confidence and knowing what makes you YOU-nique so you can then emerge from the safety of the womb and go strut your stuf in the world and make it a more beautiful and loving place to live in.

So this Academy is definitely for you if you are:

  • eager to learn and be inspired
  • open-minded spirit
  • creative soul
  • highly senstive
  • compassionate
  • loving
  • want to make the world a better place
  • bohemian
  • prepared to invest in yourself
  • open to personal growth





As one of my super-special Academy members, you’ll receive:

  • Acces to live meditations to soothe your soul
  • Workbooks to create clarity and intention around difficult decisions
  • Tips to get your house decluttered and your inner world in order
  • 10-day healthy meal plans and shopping lists to bring your body into health, glow, flow & radiance
  • fun dance videos you can do in your living-room
  • Everything you need to live, work, play and create like the beautiful, bright-shining soul you were born to be

It’s one of the most generous, beautiful, inspired, best-priced + transformational training resources you’ll find anywhere on the internet.


It will be a training library jampacked with programs, meditations, dance videos, coach webinars, to transform your life to be…. with confidence….


It also gives you access to an incredible community of intuitive, kind-hearted, passionate souls (just like you), who can give you all the loving support, advice and guidance you need to flourish.





Hey my Lovely,

Let me just also introduce myself. I’m Carolyn Chadwick, mother of two handsome young men, bilingual in Dutch and English born and raised in the Netherlands. I am now 52 and eager to pass on my life’s lessons, knowledge and wisdom in an online academy.

My mission is to empower and inspire women like you around the world by supporting you to trust and believe in yourself, grow in confidence, learn how to relfect and learn how to become YOU-nique. Visualising your dreams and creating your mission so you can take confident steps and lead the life you want from a place of Inner peace and love. 

I am a bohemian universoul and belive in the power of the universe, energy, source, spirit, higher self or what ever you want to call it. There are for sure energies in this world we can tap into which can lead us to flow and love rather than anger and frustration. My values are Peace, Love and Happiness… what are yours? 

So this Academy is definitely for you if you are:

  • eager to learn and be educated
  • open-minded spirit
  • creative soul
  • highly senstive
  • compassionate
  • loving
  • want to make the world a better place
  • bohemian
  • prepared to invest in themselves
  • open to personal growth

The Academy works because it is a different model than other coaching programs.

The self-paced courses allow you to work when you have time – take a retreat weekend and make some progress. Work on it weekly. Work on it in the time you have outside your day job. The community has women on the same life journey as you at every point – you can find those above and below you and get relevant feedback easily. The membership makes it easy for you to take your time exploring and learning. You aren’t in a short course with a tight finish line. The Academy becomes part of your life. The mixture of courses, community, and expert advice means that you can learn, have support as you grow, and get answers to your questions to keep moving. The academy is there to nourish and replenish your soul, body and spirit. It’s a safe palce for you ro recover and discover.

You also get coaching from me too. Which will inpsire and empower you to keep moving forwards taking the right steps…. the coaching will either be 1 on 1 depending on the package you have chosen or in monthly live webinars with the group, where you can ask me questions. Join from where ever you are with a cuppa tea or a glass of wine…. snuggled up on the sofa or curled up in bed.

A Love Lesson is:

Be together because you want to, not because you need to….

A Love Lesson Is:

Your friendships mirror who you are…

A Love Lesson Is:

Anyone worth having will love you for yourself…

A Love Lesson Is:

You won’t be happy with a partner until you can be happy on your own…

It is my mission to make you realise you are YOU-nique and have amazing qualities and a story to tell the world and give to people. It’s my mission to encourage you to take steps toward leadership too so you too can become an inspirator and a leader for others. You learn to trust your intuition and from inner peace and love empower other women to do the same.

What my customers tell me:

“I long for a loving stable relationship. I want to find a man who really wants me wrats and all.”

“I used to be really skinny but now since I’ve passed the 40+ my body is loving gravity, too much wine and fatty foods. Help! I want my body back! Show me how….”

“I want to earn my own income using my talents, but I get stuck at knowing what they really are.”

“I’m divorced, had my heart broken and now I daren’t start a new relatiosnhip.”

“I feel insecure and large groups scare the shit out of me.”

“I feel uncomfortable in my own body. How can I get back to feeling fit and healthy again.”

“I’m too scared to go it all alone. I feel overwhelmed by everthing all the time.”

“I’m no longer in touch with my self anymore.”

“I’m scared of making the wrong choices.”

“I wish I knew what I wanted to do now my kids are getting older and almost leaving home.”

“I just get so lost in everything that’s on offer. I need one thing that gives me all.”

“I can’t allow myself to rest because otherwise the family will fall to bits. I’m the only one who knows how to run the joint.”

“My head is in overdrive and I never have time to myself.”

“My to do lists are longer than the day ahead.”

“I’m going crazy in my head. I can’t see clearly. Help.”

“My life is a mess, and I want to get out that suffocating feeling.”

Messing up your Life is surprisingly easy.

It is slipping-on-ice easy. It is eating-too-much-chocolate easy. It is easy-easy. Not surprisingly, lots of people mess up their life. Lots, like 8-in-10 lots feel like this at the age of 40+. Everyone knows about the mid-life crisis – in fact if you’re like most women, you’ve looked down that bloody scary pit a few times. Everybody knows that, but people still slip into it. How can you prevent it? Well it’s rather difficult and an art by itself… most of us then hit the road of self discovery and end up freaking out because all kinds of shit thing happen to them… they fall out of love with their partner which is ultimately partly because they fall out of love with temselves!

So… how are you travelling?

If you’re like most heart-centered big dreamers, sensitive, creative souls and artists I know, your life is based on a calling. A moving force deep in your heart. You want to help. To serve. You’re on a mission. You’ve prepared. Trained in your field. Learned. Bought books, been to courses. But…you’re not seeing the results. You haven’t yet found the courage to step out into the world and do your thing… strut your stuff. This where the academy comes in to teach you stuff other online courses don’t teach you.

So you come to the conclusion you need help! Who are you going to call? We all seem naturals at being able to crash our lives… much better at it than making it a happy, loving easy one. So who you gonna call?

Time to decide to become a member and start on the first course of the Academy for a best ever bargain price … It’s a pilot group so after these 3 months the price triple, so jump in an participate and join our love tribe and get nourished and fed, love and support in the steps you want to take.

The first course to follow is MY BODY MY TEMPLE… click on the button below to read all about it and find out about the amazing price I’m offering it for!


See you on the next page my lovely… I’m on your side and totally get where you are coming from…